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Pioneer XPRS 215S aktīvais sabvūfers

2x 15", 40–160 Hz, 1200 W, 135 dB SPL, 55,9 kg

Pioneer XPRS 215S aktīvais sabvūfers


Pioneers XPRS 215s comprises of a twin 15-inch array that has been designed specifically to be used in conjunction with a central horn that is capable of filling large venues with low frequencies. This gives a powerful and equally accurate reproduction of the bass elements of the audio, especially when coupled with the low distortion and resonation of the hardwood cabinet in which it is encased.

Driven by Powersoft Class D amplification which can deliver 2400 W peak and 1200 W continuous power, you will never feel short changed on the sound that that the Pioneer XPRS 215s subwoofer brings to your PA configuration. Power Factor Correction technology makes sure that the performance of the speaker is not affected by the electrical supply of an environment, whether it’s a temporary or fixed power source.

Pioneers XPRS 215s comes with dual balanced combination sockets that accept either XLR or TRS cables, a further two XLR output sockets allow additional connectivity to supplementary speakers and subwoofers. Above the connections you will find controls for adjusting the cross over point to filter out frequencies above 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz and 150Hz to find the perfect sweet spot with accompanying speakers. Next to this are master level controls and a phase switch for times when more than one sub is being used.

Finally you will find thought has been put into the mobility and usability of what is generally a bulky and awkward part of any PA setup. Smooth running caster wheels on the XPRS 215s have been attached to the rear of the speaker to offer effortless transportation and positioning, whilst four generous and strong handles allow the sub to be lifted and moved when used as a mobile solution.


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